The science of creating menus for digital and print

How Digital is Changing the Rules of Menu Engineering

Designing a menu can be challenging—and layouts for print and digital are different. In this article, we go over the basic steps of menu engineering for print, then cover the new best practices for digital menus.

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K-12 students having lunch in cafeteria

What Students Want: Trends in K-12 for Lunch, Breakfast and Grab-n-Go

Here’s a rundown of the notable K-12 foodservice innovations and trends we’ve identified for lunch, breakfast, grab-n-go and Smart Snacks, along with some data on the items students are craving off-campus.

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Kids eating lunch in school cafeteria

Celebrate School Lunch Hero Day on May 6th

The School Nutrition Association created School Lunch Hero Day to recognize the hard work and dedication of the 100,000+ men and women across the U.S. who feed our kids.

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Earth Day

How Restaurants are Being More Sustainable — And You Can Too

It's clear, your patrons want to frequent restaurants that are thinking about and practicing sustainability. Here are some examples of restaurants around the world incorporating more eco-friendly practices—and ways you can, too.

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Orders ready for pickup in ghost kitchen

5 Ways a Ghost Kitchen Could Boost Your Profits

If you run an independent restaurant or small chain, ghost kitchens represent both an opportunity and a competitive threat. In this article, we’ll discuss five strategic ways you can use the ghost kitchen model to your advantage to overcome operational and financial issues in the age of delivery.

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